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RACQ is the top Australian brand in CX survey

Local bank and insurance brands lead the way in customer excellence. KPMG’s Customer Experience Excellence Report shows that six of the top 10 local CX brands are in the banking and insurance sector, but none are the big 4. On the back of a series…

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Woolworths Rewards rebrand risks alienating loyal customers

Businesses need to take extra care not to alienate customers when rebranding rewards programmes. Last week Woolworths announced it was changing its Everyday Rewards programme to Woolworths Rewards. They claim it will make it better for their nine million members. However, many customers are upset about…

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Levi's: Re-engaging customers through authentic brand experiences

Walking through Melbourne Central shopping centre at the weekend, my eye was drawn to the Levi’s store window decal.  Their concept store is home to The Levi’s Tailor Shop, who offer their customers a free alteration service on jeans. The shop will also Customise, Personalise…

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Guinness: The art of brand storytelling

My uncle PJ lives in a rural village in Ireland and when he’s in his local pub he sits at the bar and nods ever so slightly at the barman, Liam. No words. Just a faint lift of the head. If you blinked, you’d miss…

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Brand respect. Turning complaints into advocacy.

Promises are easily made but delivering on them is a constant challenge for any brand. One of the biggest tests for a brand is not in making the sale – it is in how they respond when the customer has a problem. How you treat…

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The Golden Arches continues to build brand advocacy with Gen Z

My eight-year-old son, like many children, is a great brand ambassador for McDonald’s. Ever since he could talk, he was asking, “can we go to McDonald’s?” My wife and I never encouraged it but, like most things children pester for, you either continue to fight…

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