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Hotel Indigo and Asos make good bed fellows

Brand collaboration reinforces Hotel Indigo’s brand difference. Hotel Indigo and leading global fashion brand Asos have partnered to create fashion inspired travel discovery. It’s a smart brand collaboration that finds another way to leverage the hotel’s one of kind boutique hotel experience. The Hotel Indigo…

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VB's Product Innovation Drives Brand Cool Differentiation

Brand Experiences with Brand Differentiation Designed-in Australian beer brand VB has just launched a sales promotion based on a seriously smart product innovation – the disposable ice box. The ‘Esky’ as ice boxes are called down under is an essential piece of beer drinkining equipment…

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Brand Culturalisation – Creative Internal Brand Alignment from the Guys at Google

Brand Strategy and Design is Just the Beginning. When we reach the stage of a brand project where the differentiating strategy has been set, the brand identity has been designed and brand communications executed, we know the largest and often the most critical task is…

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