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Victoria’s Secret plays the diversity card, but is it too little too late?

Lingerie giant celebrates major brand shift with plus sized and transgender models. Victoria’s Secret has learnt the importance of ‘never say never’ as they attempt to reverse decades of criticisms of their stand on beauty means. The brand appears to finally understand that the world,…

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Dr Who gets brand refresh with first female doctor

The casting of Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth doctor gives BBC sci-fi show a much needed brand jolt After 50 years, iconic British Sci-fi show finally gets female lead. The Time Lord from Gallifrey will regenerate later this year and history will be made. With…

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Barbie has a new look – a campaign and brand evolution by Mattel to give consumers more choice

There’s a new Barbie in town – and she comes in many shapes and sizes. A more genuine and realistic representation of the modern girl is now available. The new campaign #TheDollEvolves is said to be a brand evolution for the makers of Barbie, Mattel. 

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Uber releases brand refresh targeted at different countries

Uber has just announced a brand re-fresh to align with their current brand strategy and philosophy but more than that they have engaged their audience by communicating their brand story and the reason for change. On their website Uber said “We’ve always felt there was a cognitive…

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How do I know if my branding needs to change?

  When should I change my brand strategy and/or brand identity? Brand is a sensitive beast, misread the signs or fail to understand the subtleties and you can find yourself out of touch and with a disengaged market. Like much of the branding process, there…

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