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Heineken fights to protect its brand and trademark red star

Global beer brand forced to defend its iconic red star and perceptions of it promoting communism. Dutch brand Heineken is recognised globally for its green cans and bottles. Another core brand asset is the red star. Unfortunately for Heineken, the red star is also seen…

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More than a car? Not more than a brand

When is a car more than a brand? Never! Specially when we don’t want to talk about the car, but we still have to sell them? Volkswagen latest campaign #morethanacar focused directly on the value of brand heritage to stir the emotions in the car…

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Guinness: The art of brand storytelling

My uncle PJ lives in a rural village in Ireland and when he’s in his local pub he sits at the bar and nods ever so slightly at the barman, Liam. No words. Just a faint lift of the head. If you blinked, you’d miss…

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Jones Lang LaSalle rebrands with the acronym ‘JLL’

Jones Lang LaSalle has joined the likes of PWC, KFC, NAB, BP and LG by shortening their brand name to ‘JLL’. While the brand was always a bit of a mouthful, the new acronym is still clunky and it doesn’t feel like a name that…

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