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Nutella’s brand truth spoils the party again

Can an image change brand perception? McDonald’s recently introduced a Nutella Burger in its Italy restaurants. However, among the excitement of the new burger was a one image that was souring the publicity. A picture of the Nutella jar showing what is actually inside, has…

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Arnott’s fine for misleading packaging a warning to other brands

Iconic Aussie biscuit brand caught out for misleading customers with inflated health claims on pack. Arnott’s has been fined $51,000 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for claims on its Light & Crispy packaging. If you are making claims on your packaging you might…

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Uluwatu creates an authentic brand connection from factory to consumer

Uluwatu heroes who and how their products are made for real brand benefit. Lately there has been much discourse about where and how products are made. Price is always a major purchasing driver but more and more consumers are seeking more transparency and a true…

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Honesty is the best policy. The Four Golden Rules of Brand Honesty

More then ever, honesty is vital for brands as consumers become more switched on, less naïve and ready to boycott those brands they don’t trust. Brands have the ability to have relationships with their audience and like any good, successful relationship, they should be built…

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