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Did brand mark design predict Trump’s rise to power?

How brand marks reflect social & cultural trends. Just like uncovering a time capsule or the remains of a petrified Mammoth, a collection of branding from any given period tells us much about that point in time. A case in point is this great snapshot…

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The 2017 Colour of the year is… Greenery.

Setting the colour trend for 2017 Annually global colour standard; Pantone release their trend prediction for the colour of the year, a color that reflects the current cultural climate. The colour of the year is a symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we…

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Kodak rides the modern nostalgia trend to resurrect its brand

The once iconic photography brand is back with new products and its 1971 brand icon. After more than decade, Kodak are hoping to revive some brand nostalgia and engage a new generation. As a counter trend to the digital evolution, just about anything analogue in…

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Key Trends in Brand Identity Design for 2015

The Critical Role of Trends for Visual Identity Designers Each year Bill Gardener outlines what he sees as the key trends in brand identity design. As the founder of online logo site www.logolounge and the spin-off publications of logo collections, As do we, Bill spends…

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