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Has Amazon become the world’s most influential brand?

The Amazon Brand Effect It seems when Amazon sneezes, the financial markets of the world catch a cold. Interest in what Amazon announce they are set to do, or what they don’t announce, or even what others speculate they may or may not announce is…

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Choice, the evolution of a brand.

More than a rebrand. There’s been something interesting going on at Choice. More than a logo refresh, it seems the stalwart reviewer is starting to develop its activist side. While Choice is known for its product reviews and buying guides more than it’s disruptive activist…

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Why Enjoyable Brand Experiences are so Valuable for Customers

  The Science of Brand Influence Here at Truly Deeply we bang-on a lot about brand experiences and why they are so important for brand engagement. The science behind this phenomena is what we call the Dopamine effect. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (a chemical in…

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