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Kiss or Kiis – is one letter enough to avoid brand confusion?

After 12 months, ARN has done what everyone expected and extended the Kiis brand to Melbourne. Today, Mix 101.1 was relaunched as Kiis 101.1. Now Melbourne has two stations with essentially the same name, albeit slightly different spellings. The David and Goliath legal battle has…

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Brand Names Do Matter

Dan the Man Andrews “Hi, I’m Dan”, Victoria’s Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews tells voters in Labor’s first major election-year TV advertisement. The Age newspaper on Wednesday this week reported that the Victorian leader of the Labour party is trialing a more informal handle. It is…

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When to change a brand name

The Cootes brand name should scoot away Two people were killed and five injured when a Cootes fuel tanker lost control on a bend in the Sydney suburb of Mona Vale and burst into flames on October 1 last year. What that tragic accident did…

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Inventing a brand name

What do all of these brands have in common? They all have brand names which have been made up or invented, they are also very well known in their respective markets. When we start a naming job we usually have a client who wants a…

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