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Genius Apple parody to get you thinking about your brand loyalty

The release of the new Apple Watch has seen countless parody videos emerge but one in particular has me questioning my brand loyalty.

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Hipster cafes: Beard saturation or brand engagement masterclass?

Melbourne’s a city that’s obsessed with pop-up stores, gin bars and fusion food. Where coffee culture is a part of everyday life, we’ve become accustom to our flat whites being served  to us by a beard with sleeve tattoos. The tattooed beards have been with us on the journey of this…

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Lego Love – A Pure Expression of Brand Passion

Brand Envy Pure and Simple Yeah I know we bang-on a bit about Lego and the extraordinary level of loyalty, even obsession the brand creates. But we wouldn’t if there weren’t so many great examples of passion for the brand, a level of passion most…

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Pimp That Snack – Fast Food Brand Design Obsession

We’ve Always Applauded a Little Brand Obsession Have you ever starred longingly at your … insert favorite snack food… and thought to yourself; “Man, I wish this was like 5 million times bigger.” Yeah, we know you have. Well, lucky there’s a place where all…

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