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Design Collaborations Invigorate Brands

Photograph – Jonus Kuhn The pace of change in the world means that it is very easy to become yesterday’s brand. There is a relentless need to keep your brand relevant and interesting. Over recent years there has been more and more collaborations between brand…

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Facebook and brand worlds collide thanks to VB

The pending ruling by the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) in Australia regarding user comments posted on beer brand VB’s official website will be eagerly awaited by all brand managers who use social media. The comments in question run the full gambit from vilifying sexual identity…

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Open Your Eyes and Re-evaluate Imagination

The Power of Storytelling and Imagination As a brand designer working in Melbourne, I constantly search for inspiration, unique experiences and creativity that keeps my mind fresh and active. In a world where we are so used to our routines, financial concerns and limited daily…

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Brand Spin Swamps Vitamin Waters

A recent report by CHOICE in Australia has once again highlighted the difficult road that brand owners have when they have a product with legitimate health claims. The difficulty does not reside with articulating the health claim, rather with whether target consumers will believe the…

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