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Responsible brands: Target commits to new climate policy

Brands continue to lead the way, as governments drag their feet on climate policy. Despite the political climate in their homeland, US retail chain Target, has recognised the big role it has to play in combating the effects of climate change. Importantly, their new climate…

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Connecting purpose and profit: Social enterprise branding for success

As we become more aware of the power and influence we have on the world through our consumer choices, more and more social enterprises are popping up to fulfil this need. The role of the social enterprise brand is not only to communicate the benefits…

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Combating violence against women and their children: Our Watch Awards winners announced

The first annual Our Watch Awards were held on the 10th of September. The Our Watch Awards recognise and reward exemplary reporting of violence against women, in particular reporting that highlights the causes of violence and what we as a society can do to ‘stop it…

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Dark Mofo and David Walsh’s remarkable attempts to put Tassie on the map

For the last two weeks, the internet across all media has been abuzz with news out of Hobart as the Dark Mofo festival rolled out. A huge variety of events, performances, food, culture, art and a bunch of naked people combined to make Tasmania the…

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Apple Brand Rotten at the Core?

Tax to Apple is clearly a dirty word Do large corporates such as Apple have a moral responsibility to pay their fair share of taxation? The Financial Review has in recent days finally been able to put some order of magnitude around just how little…

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