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Triple M stretches their brand again to represent country music

Once known as the rock station, Triple M is stretching so far it risks diluting its brand to nothing. First it was the rebrand of heritage gold format stations, now Triple M wants to be the brand for country music. As of February, Triple M…

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Harley Davidson on an interesting segmentation ride

Bad Ass or not. Harley Davidson are about to launch two new motorcycles models in US, targeted firmly at the female rider.

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Coles, clever brand stretch or caught red-handed diluting their brand?

The famous and annoying catch cry, “down, down” and the big red finger might actually carry far greater symbolism for Coles and their reputation than they realise. As the brand becomes more elastic and focuses on ‘stretch, stretch how far can we stretch’, could this…

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How Far is Too Far for Brand Stretch?

A Trusted & Loved Brand Arguably, Australia only has a handful of iconic brands; brands with a rich history and tradition, brands that are recognised, trusted, and understood by customers around the country. Goulburn Valley could well stake claim for being one of those brands.…

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