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People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves

Today’s post is a thought piece written by Zander Nethercutt, a really interesting brand thinker from Chicago Il. with a brilliant grasp on how brands work and the role they’ve come to play in our lives. What Apple, Samsung and Starbucks learned from Pepsi The…

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The 12 Steps to Building a Loved Brand

Loved brands are profitable brands Is the whole ‘Loved Brands’ thing a fluffy piece of feelgood PR from the branding community or a commercially savvy strategy? That so much cynicism surrounds the brand industry must be a reflection of the inability of the industry to…

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Why a year of no advertising could be a brilliant strategy for Coke to build customer loyalty

Buy The World A Hope asks Coke to spend its annual $3 billion advertising budget for good. At first glance this plea seems like the fanciful daydreaming of a socially minded if naive group of well meaning world citizens, but I believe there is much…

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Coke takes Brand Sponsorship to new heights with this Integrated Campaign

A Creatively Integrated Brand Sponsorship. One of the greatest challenges for every brand is to create a deep connection with those most critical to their business success. It’s not necessarily a matter of making a deep connection with every single person in your market, but…

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Coke and the Power of Creating Brand Folklore

Brand Folklore and the Power of Brand Storytelling For many years we worked with one of Australia’s most loved food brands; King Island Dairy. King Island is a speck of land in the middle of Bass Strait between mainland Australia and Tasmania. Bass Strait is…

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