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Delta and Coke’s brand gesture; clever or creepy?

Delta Airlines and Coke apologise after napkins offend Delta and Coca Cola have canned their inflight match-matching brand gesture after many label it creepy. What was intended a bold and fun has potentially caused brand damage. Far from inspiring hook-ups, it has potentially also fractured…

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What will peak sugar mean for food brands?

It was interesting last week to see Coca-Cola get some local blowback from Woolworths on their new No Sugar Coke. Coke, a cornerstone in most supermarkets has been attacked over the years from many angles: constantly by perennial #2 Pepsi with the taste challenge; for…

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Coca Cola ‘one brand’ architecture comes to Australia

Multinational soft drink giant introduces its new brand architecture strategy to Australia. After decades of establishing more niche brands, Coca Cola has shifted back to what they call the ‘one brand’ design. Essentially, they are now refocusing on creating a stronger master brand, with more…

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Will Coke’s plan to sue UK Govt over ‘soft drink tax’ impact brand reputation?

A questionable brand strategy In response to the UK Governments announcement it plans to increase tax on high sugar content soft drinks, Coke has announced plans to sue. As the soft drink market continues to decline globally Coke has been doing a good job of…

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