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The Lost Art of Spacing Out

Previously, in Creativity and the Art of Zen, I explored the concept that by slowing our overactive minds and creating some inner stillness, ideas and intuition have the space to flow. Boredom is another way that allows our mind to wander, and gives our creativity a…

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Food photography and manipulation in advertising: Why do we accept knowingly being lied to?

The rise of photo manipulation is changing our perception of the images we see all around us, but are these changes for better or for worse? “I am far from saying that a photograph must be an actual, literal and absolute fact…but it must represent…

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How can we effectively communicate an anti- message?

Effective communication in advertising will often result, at best, in a small change in consumer behaviour. While this change often has a product driven focus — buy this, try this, consider us — the predominant message generally doesn’t require the audience to drastically change their…

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Our top 10 tips for ‘best practice’ within a branding studio

Behind Every Great Agency Is… Often we are asked what makes our branding studio ‘chug’ along like a well oiled machine? Our agency is no different from any other well run business, the secret to our success is organization, systems and processes. We’ve compiled a…

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