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How to define brand values: Creating the living brand world

Brand values form an integral part of your brand. Drawing on the very soul of your organisation, they are designed to unite, inspire and guide brand-led behaviour, enabling employees and customers to emotionally connect with your brand. They also empower your people to deliver memorable…

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on strategy, branding, creative, media or reputation if there’s something wrong with your culture. As Uber is currently proving. It’s impossible in today’s society to mask an internal culture with brand. Sooner or later the truth will out…

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Seven steps for getting your employer brand in check

Your employees produce your products and deliver yours services, if they don’t embody the same values, behaviours and purpose as your organisation there will be a misalignment that will be felt by your customers. Your employer brand is how your current employees, perspective employees and…

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ABC – iconic Australian brand labelled as unpatriotic

Prime Minister Tony Abbot has attacked the ABC, telling 2GB radio that the national broadcaster ”instinctively takes everyone’s side but Australia’s”. The notion of an unpatriotic ABC struck a bit of a chord with me, as I personally can’t imagine a more Australian brand.

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Top 10 Brand Design Blogs – Part 2

Source, photograph by Christy Lee Rogers Top 10 Brand Design Blogs – Part 2 Sometime ago I published a ‘Top 10 Brand Design Blogs’ post that celebrated and promoted some of my most favorite brand design blogs. I thought it was time to build…

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Cross-Cultural Meanings of Colour in Brand Design

Colour affects us physiologically and psychologically, consciously and subconsciously. Colour is used to shape and define our lives, our habits, our values and our feelings. The colours we choose to wear and to decorate our homes give others personal insight into our emotions and how…

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