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Disruptive online retailer the surprise buyer of Dick Smith brand

Ruslan Kogan to Revitalize Dick Smith Retail Brand It’d be tough to find two hotter topics in the world of brand and marketing than ‘new thinking brands disrupting’ and ‘old thinking brands imploding’. The latest move by Australian online retailer Kogan combines both. The move…

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Do Australian shoppers really care about buying Australian brands?

The Local Brand Loyalty Myth This year we’ve had the pleasure of hooking-up with the very smart guys at BrandHook. They have a great eNewsletter called The Hook which recently featured an article on the launch of Ozemite and asked the particularly pointy question; Do…

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A Missed Design Opportunity for the Dick Smith Brand

Like bumping into an old friend Currently I’m in the market for a new TV, so last week whilst I was shopping at Victoria Gardens, I popped into Dick Smith to see what they had on offer. On the way in I was greeted by…

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That's Showbiz – Personal Brands in the Spotlight

BRW’s Annual Top 50 Entertainers The most recent issue of BRW in Australia features the top 50 local entertainers listed by earnings for the year. Quoted throughout the feature was our Talent Inc! personal brand report, with our very own Mark Richards (sic) providing the…

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