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Australian Retailer Target loses $2b of Goodwill and Brand Value

Brand irrelevance leads to evaporating brand value Australian retailer Target has struggled in recent years to maintain a valued, differentiated consumer proposition in the market.  As competitive pricing has become a table stake rather than an active brand differentiator, mid-market retailers like Target (and the…

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Good things happen when brands deliver on their promises

Keeping promises is not always easy, but it’s always a good idea. Brands spend plenty of time and energy on defining their competitive advantage, but what use is a differentiated value proposition if it’s not being delivered on in a substantial way.

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1970's letter from Lego show's why the brand has been so successful for so long.

A Brand Strategy with 40 Years Consistency and Clarity Forty years ago the world was a very different place – TV was king, there were no such thing as personal computers let-alone the internet, no Youtube, no facebook or Instagram, no reality TV or Kardashions…

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