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Revealing interviews offer honest insight into what it is like to be a creative

  Two Minutes with TGD is a series of brief interviews that expands on the themes of creativity, risk, and what connects us. The Great Discontent (TGD) is a magazine featuring interviews on beginnings, creativity, and risk. Starting in 2011 as an online publication, it…

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi – A Zen Personal Brand

Legendary Japanese Sushi Chief Jiro Ono is considered the world’s greatest Sushi chiefs. Japan has declared him a national treasure and his humble 10 seat restaurant located in a Tokyo subway station has been awarded 3 Michelin stars. At 85 he is the subject of…

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The (almost) Lost Art of Advertising Billboard Painting

Up There – a beautiful documentary film by Malcolm Murray on the disappearing craft of painted advertising signs on high-rise buildings in the big cities of the US. (watch this in full screen if you can). Spotted on Yimmys Yayo.

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