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Christmas ads 2016: The different approaches to brand storytelling

Can you believe it’s that crazy time of year again? Once again the big brands are fighting to stay top of mind and relevant. For retail brands, this is the key time of the year where they need to enhance their connection with their customers…

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RACV good Samaritan gesture delivers priceless brand engagement

RACV lives their tagline ‘we’re there for you’ and builds significant brand appeal. During the weekend, the RACV brand got a major boost and it wasn’t due to any stunt, advertising or social activation. This is a genuine example of RACV living their brand beliefs…

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Your people are your living breathing brand

“Brands that stand on the shoulders of giants are not created by branding agencies, they are created by people”. One of our clients recently launched their new brand internally and the owner of the organisation used this line in his closing words. He was giving…

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Brands are failing to engage Mums

New research from the UK suggests that Brands who are marketing to mothers are generally failing to engage their audience. Far from creating strong motherly bonds, brands are actually repelling their target audience. The research highlights that marketers are relying on out dated stereo types…

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