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Who owns who? Unraveling the web of internet brands

The digital revolution is a bonanza of new brands. The web does two amazing things at the same time, it provides a seemingly infinite number of sites, information and social platforms whilst at the same time intuitively sorting them so we are only exposed to…

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Instagram – Three years and 150 million users later

Instagram recently turned three years old. In that time, it has managed to amass over 150 million users. While Instagram doesn’t hold an audience the size of Facebook or Twitter (yet), it has established one of the most active and engaged audiences of any social…

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Bacardi turns Facebook ‘likes’ into real-world events

Like it Live, Like it Together Brand experiences. At the risk of writing incessantly about alcohol brands and reinforcing negative stereotypes about (slightly) long in the tooth designers, I cam across this integrated brand/marketing campaign by Bacardi recently that I thought was pretty smart. Crowd-sourcing…

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