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McDonalds Vs Burger King – A battle of brand association

All brands have meaning in the minds of their market Whether carefully and strategically considered or by default, all brands hold associated meanings in the minds of the market place. Well considered brands establish a competitive brand proposition (their brand strategy) with layers of meaning…

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Burger brand Carl’s Jr. has young hungry Aussie males in its sights

US burger brand disrupts the category with old school American attitude. Carl’s Jr. also known as Hardee’s, is the latest burger brand to hit the Australian shores. It’s bold, irreverent and unapologetic and it is focused on young hungry Aussie blokes.

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Brand fade: Is McDonalds losing its shine for Gen Z?

While taking my 11-year-old son to Little Athletics, I noticed how a once strong brand is losing its relevance. When trying to give out the award for athlete of the day, I struggled several times to get any of kids to accept it. The reason…

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