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The F Word. Feminism.

Feminism. The word that when uttered causes men to shift uncomfortably, and women to deny any form of association. For some time now, feminism has been getting a bad rap, with people perceiving it as a negative movement campaigned by narrow-minded individuals. This is because…

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Is Clementine Ford an ideal brand ambassador for feminism?

Today in our faced paced, transformative society, enabled though accelerated distribution of content digitally, information is at our fingertips. Social injustice that has previously been accepted as the status quo, we’re no longer standing for it. Who are we? I’m speaking for myself, 31 year old…

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Brands leading the way in positive portrayal of women

Is sexism in advertising diminishing? Getty Images released a statistic this week citing that search terms for “empowered women” has increased by over 700% in the last year, which is showing the seismic shift towards brands portraying women in a more positive, non discriminatory, non sexist…

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Australian feminine hygiene brands leagues ahead within the category in redefining the cultural narrative

Having recently moved from the UK, I’ve been impressed by with the wide array of beautifully branded tampon brands here in Australia in comparison with the English consumer range. Ladies are utterly spoilt for choice, gorgeous packaging from TOM Organics (I may be a tad…

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