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The F Word. Feminism.

Feminism. The word that when uttered causes men to shift uncomfortably, and women to deny any form of association. For some time now, feminism has been getting a bad rap, with people perceiving it as a negative movement campaigned by narrow-minded individuals. This is because…

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Is Clementine Ford an ideal brand ambassador for feminism?

Today in our faced paced, transformative society, enabled though accelerated distribution of content digitally, information is at our fingertips. Social injustice¬†that has previously been accepted as the status quo, we’re no longer standing for it. Who are we? I’m speaking for myself, 31 year old…

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Brands leading the way in positive portrayal of women

Is sexism in advertising diminishing? Getty Images released a statistic this week citing that search terms for “empowered women” has increased by over 700% in the last year, which is showing the seismic¬†shift towards brands portraying women in a more positive, non discriminatory, non sexist…

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