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Truly Deeply creates new Aussie baby formula brand for China

Rebranding Royal Warton to standout in the Chinese market and hero its Australian product origin. Royal Warton has been tapping into the growing demand for Australian baby formula in Australia. However, it was struggling to standout in the highly cluttered local market and was lacking…

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Are snack brands leveraging Canteen cred to mislead parents?

Guys, Honesty Builds Brand Loyalty. In the highly competitive snack food category the current battlefront is a brand’s ability to successfully position its products as ‘healthy’ in the minds of consumers. As brands seek to gain every advantage there’s been a shift from hard earned…

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Ben and Jerry's Brand says thank you to fans

If you have a brand that is lucky enough to have a loyal and passionate group of people following you then it’s important every now and then to thank them and keep them engaged. That’s just what Ben and Jerry’s do every year with their annual Free…

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FMCG Branding – Delicious, Baked-in Brand Communications

  Truly Delicious Brand Design Yep, there’s no secret we love our food here at Truly Deeply, so cook books hold a dear place in our heart – especially when they’re well designed. Previously we’ve written about a beauty designed for Ikea, and this one…

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