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The Future of Retail Branding for 2020 & Beyond

The changing face of consumer behavior raises a red flag for retail brands. When I think back even just a decade ago, the demands of retail customers were not so different from the decades before. Essentially most retailers could add a functional web site and…

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Online and offline become one but brands still slow to adapt

The end of the digital offline divide is in sight or it should be. FSFK’s Future of Retail 2018 outlines how companies can transform their stores into experience centres that extend their supply chain and digital commerce platforms, creating mutual value with a focus on…

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What Amazon’s Australian launch means for local retail brands

With Amazon’s launch into the Australian market around the corner, the picture of what that means for Australian consumers and retailers is becoming clearer. For Australian consumers, Amazon is likely to wind-up offering everything from fresh and non perishable groceries, beauty products, wine, clothing and…

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