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Found in translation. A masterclass in global branding from Samsung

Samsung’s new ad in India is a masterclass in localization for global brands. As more brands look to the huge markets in China and India with a mix of enthusiasm and consternation, Samsung’s latest ad campaign created for the Indian market is hitting the mark.…

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7 Tips for launching your brand into China

7 Business Tips for launching your brand into China Getting a foothold in China is no easier now than it has been for centuries. Culture, the way business is done and the speed of change combine to make China the most challenging of markets globally.…

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Truly Deeply joins E3 – the Premier Global Network of Independent Brand Strategy and Communications Agencies.

The Cream of International Brand Strategy & Communications Agencies. Recently Truly Deeply founders Pete Singline and Dave Ansett attended E3’s annual general meeting in Prague to present the agency for consideration to be admitted into the prestigious E3 global network. As the premier global network…

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Cross-Cultural Meanings of Colour in Brand Design

Colour affects us physiologically and psychologically, consciously and subconsciously. Colour is used to shape and define our lives, our habits, our values and our feelings. The colours we choose to wear and to decorate our homes give others personal insight into our emotions and how…

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G Star – A 5 Star Brand Experience

Fashion is one of those things that’s in our lives everyday and I must admit I don’t mind my fashion nor fashion brands, especially when one is so on brand and the experience you get (brand and all) is so memorable! Which label I hear…

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