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Some words of wisdom from designer and illustrator, Zach Hobbs.

  As well as working as a communication designer at IDEO, Zach Hobbs creates experimental, abstract, and satirical artworks that resemble the sharpie rendition of a bad acid trip. I was lucky enough to interview Zach recently and wanted to share with you his insights…

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How do I apply for a design job…? Tips from a designer, part 3.

When you apply for a job there are many things that lead to a strong application. We have put together some tips to help students, grads or anyone trying to get themselves out there in the design industry. This is the final installment of my 3-part…

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This Is Inspired Magazine Interviews our own David Ansett

This Is Inspired This Is Inspired is a design magazine that covers everything from Japanese design aesthetics to web site design trends. Each month This Is Inspired interviews a leading thinker in the design space, and this month it’s our very own David Ansett, Founder…

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