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The F Word. Feminism.

Feminism. The word that when uttered causes men to shift uncomfortably, and women to deny any form of association. For some time now, feminism has been getting a bad rap, with people perceiving it as a negative movement campaigned by narrow-minded individuals. This is because…

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Walsh has used her personal brand to start the conversation about women in design

Like many others, I have eagerly been following Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman’s most recent side project: 12 Kinds of Kindness. (…yes #squadgoals!) Now aside from wishing I had come up with such an intelligent project myself, I do believe it has the power to create some…

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Quotes on Shit – Creative inspiration for design sake

NYC design pair Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman combine to create this ripping side project. They describe what they’ve created as: “We all use so much shit. We collect shit, buy shit, steal shit, trade shit and then throw shit away. So what happens with…

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