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The 12 Steps to Building a Loved Brand

Loved brands are profitable brands Is the whole ‘Loved Brands’ thing a fluffy piece of feelgood PR from the branding community or a commercially savvy strategy? That so much cynicism surrounds the brand industry must be a reflection of the inability of the industry to…

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Australian retail brand kikki.K show their customer engagement class

The most successful retailers eat, sleep and breathe brand experience After years of tough times, few retail business have maintained their commitment to creating beautiful, stylish and evocative brand experiences quite like the guys at kikki.K. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the…

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Retail brand kikki.K's first TVC captures the spirit of Swedish Christmas

The Romance of this campaign is in its Swedishness For every business who has ever advertised above the line, launching their first TV campaign is fraught with excitement and anxiety. TVC’s come with a huge price tag and for many businesses, being able to afford…

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When was the last time your brand's light turned green?

If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll get back less than we ever got. With forgiveness for misquoting one of the more profound truisms of business, the sentiment is true of so many brands we encounter. When sitting down with a client for…

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