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No differentiation. Wesfarmers continues to cannibalise their brands.

Target gives up on brand differentiation and becomes another Kmart The remarkable turnaround of Kmart in the past few years has left its competitors scrambling to compete. The strategy has achieved its goal of killing Big W. However, in the fight, Westfarmers has also severally…

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Brand strategy challenges with Wesfarmers portfolio

Target Australia Brand portfolio’s need to be managed as a collective, not as individual stand alone brands. A 44 per cent slide in Target’s earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) to $136 million in the June year confirms that Wesfarmers has a major challenge on its…

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Brand Promises – What offers say about your Brand

What makes a great offer, what does it say about your brand, can it damage it? My interest was aroused by the recent  Kmart price promise TV ad – it’s set up in a way that has none of the usual retail frenzy of Kmart…

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