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Truly Deeply rebrands Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

New brand strategy and identity for Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) created by Melbourne brand agency Truly Deeply. The new brand proposition is all about helping both consumers and providers ‘find a clear way forward’. This is supported by clear and simple messaging that explains what…

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Rethinking what makes the world's greatest brand great

Have you ever wondered which is the world’s greatest brand? In this post I invite you to open your mind. What makes a great brand? Is it their logo, the visual language, the experience, revenues, products or their people – or all of these, and…

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Unveiling our new brand identity for Ferve Tickets

Ferve – a new brand for the love of festivals We are proud to showcase the name and brand identity for Ferve Tickets, eFirst’s ticketing company. From technology geeks to festivarians, Ferve tickets is a deliberate niche ticketing brand that is passionate about festivals. Beyond…

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Why the designer needs an EPS of the Logo

All Logos Files are Not Born Equal After recently explaining yet again why the jpeg of a logo, taken from the website, can’t be used for a brochure, I thought it might be useful, valuable and insightful for someone to write this down. So here…

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ANZ Bank Rebrand – A Super Regional Bank?

A Super Regional Bank? ANZ announced late last year that it had an aspiration to become a “Super Regional Bank” and at the same time announced a new brand, logo and visual language to be rolled out progressively over the next two years. The Asia…

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