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If I could talk to the animals….

There are Orangutan ads, and there are Orangutan ads. They can help to create connection with your brand or they can make you feel….. well weird. I find the two ads on TV at present polarising.

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Take control…keeping your brand message strong

Have you ever played the old parlour game of ‘Whispers’ where one person whispers a phrase to you and you pass it on, by whisper, to the next person. After 6 or 7 rounds ‘I have a square’ becomes  ‘a star’. It’s a demonstration of how…

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Smart Brands Get Social

Just Because your Brand’s On-line – Doesn’t Mean it’s On-target With 130 billion spam mails hitting in-boxes every day, it’s no wonder consumer outcry about mis-targeted marketing has grown from a murmur to a roar. Across the globe those screams attract the regulator and put…

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3 Golden Rules to Unlocking the Potency of your Online Direct Marketing Offer

As a young direct marketer I was taught that in terms of the impact on response to your communication the ‘Offer’ is the most critical element. That doesn’t mean that the media you use, the format of your communication, and the creative idea are unimportant, just…

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