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Creating Unique Brand Design through Type

Creating Memorable Brand Design As creative director of our brand agency I’m always being asked by our clients how to create the most effective brand identity or corporate image. The answer always begins and ends with owning ‘Unique Visual Properties’. Unique visual properties are visual…

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Place Branding – Designing a Brand Mark for Melbourne?

How do you create the visual language for a place? As the debate continues to bubble along in regards to the new logo for Melbourne, I continue to be frustrated by the lack of discussion around the most critical question; ‘so what does the Melbourne…

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M is for Missing the point – when brand image goes wrong

Director of strategy and all things clever and witty here at Brand DNA, Peter Singline was quoted in this article in today’s B&T about the new City of  Melbourne brand identity. Pete also penned a sharp article on the matter which has been faithfully reproduced…

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Insult By Design – Melbourne's new brand identity

Recent article published in the Melbourne Leader in response to the launch last week of the new City of Melbourne Brand Identity. There has been much debate centered around the question of whether an international brand agency from Sydney was the right choice to design…

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