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Car brand names you’re probably mispronouncing

How to pronounce the world’s leading car brands correctly. From the French, Italians, Germans to the Japanese, many car brands are mispronounced. This can be caused by a misunderstanding of different languages, popular culture references or just bad brand management. Having worked with Porsche, we…

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Brand reputation – you’re only as good as your weakest link

One of the real tests of a brand’s reputation comes post purchase. With cars, the service experience is a critical influencer of brand perception, customer loyalty and retention. For many auto brands this can be extremely hard to manage. Local dealers are often franchised and…

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Mercedes team up with The Coen Bros to channel Easy Rider for this year’s Superbowl

No doubting that the Superbowl attracts the big boys with the biggest budgets. And they don’t come much bigger than Mercedes-Benz and The Coen Brothers. Like a match made in first class on the red-eye from New York to Tokyo, this luxury auto brand and…

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