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Brand Australia set to break world record for economic prosperity

The gold medal for the longest running strong economy goes to… On April 1st Australia is to to achieve a truly remarkable milestone, and one that most of us will be floored to discover. Australia will likely be able to lay claim to the title…

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Why Increasing our Intake of Refugees is exactly what 'Brand Australia' needs right now

Australia’s Brand Reputation has been taking a beating It’s been a pretty crap month-or-two for Brand Australia with our reputation taking a rightful whacking overseas thanks to coverage of the ‘Adam Goodes racist booing saga’ and ‘tennis bad boy’ Nick Kyrgios seemingly making a dick…

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Place Branding – Sweden's New Brand Identity

Last week the government of Sweden unveiled a new brand identity for the country to combine the Swedish ministries, agencies, and businesses under a single unified look. As you can imagine, the re-branding of a country is not an everyday occurrence and represents possibly the…

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Place Branding – Bulgaria's new tourism branding gets a little lost in translation

Recently the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy, and Tourism presented tourism brand for Bulgaria to the world. For some countries, there are decades of well established reputation which they are able to leverage to build a globally influential place brand – Italy, France, Brazil,…

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Truly Deeply Chief Creator of Brands, David Ansett under the spotlight at this month's AGDA Question Time

AGDA Question Time Series 06:30pm 20th March 2012 QUESTION? Every second month, three creatives will be invited to sit beneath the spotlight, be poked and prodded by your questions on all things professional. We aim to promote open, stimulating dialogue between students, young designers and…

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Our Branding Article for Melbourne Review – Who the Bloody hell are We?

Last month we began writing a regular column on branding for The Melbourne Review. This first of our articles begins an exploration of the state of ‘brand Australia‘. Yes, we escaped the financial meltdown of 2008 relatively unscathed – but to a large degree, this…

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