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Nostalgic fans help drive brand revival of Polly Waffle

Polly Waffle chocolate bars set to return to Australian shelves Following a social campaign from nostalgic brand fans, the Polly Waffle is set to be revived. Fans of the Polly Waffle united on Facebook and achieved 55,000 likes. This helped convince Adelaide based manufacturer Robern Menz to…

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Nestle fights to save Poland Springs brand

Poland Springs brand authenticity and reason for being under attack Nestle is facing a lawsuit in the USA that claims they have misled their consumers into paying a premium for normal ground water. For a brand that’s positioning and differentiation is all about the purity…

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Surprise co-branding strategy – Android partners with KitKat

Android announces version 4.4 is named ‘KitKat’  Google Android has added a pinch of spice to their tradition of naming operating systems after alphabetically sequential snack foods, with a surprise announcement to name the next version ‘KitKat’. The secret was so well-kept that most of…

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Creating Real Product Differentiation through the Super Power of Augmented Reality

Next Generation Kids Video Games – Brought to you by your Friendly Cereal Brand Back when I was a kid, I can remember me and my sister hassling mum to buy one particular cereal over another. It had nothing to do with the flavor, the…

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