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Tradition Trumps Taste in Brand and Packaging Design

Strange But True Packaging Design. Lyle’s in one of the UK’s leading brands of golden syrup, much loved throughout the British Isles. At first glance the visual language of the packaging design captures the heritage and tradition of both the product and the brand. Traditional…

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Our Gelati Sky brand at work – delicious differentiation from the streets

Bumping into our Delicious Branding Even after twenty five years of creating brands of our clients, it’s still a buzz to bump into our branding hard at work differentiating and promoting our clients and their businesses. On a cold, grey and wet Melbourne Spring day,…

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The most important ingredient in effective packaging design is client mindset

Not all packaging design projects are born equal. Some have bucket loads of SKUs while some have one or two. Some packaging design projects launch a new brand into the stratosphere, whilst others demand a tweak to keep market leaders on top of their game.…

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McDonald's Packaging Re-design falls short of inspiring

Will McDonald’s get bang for their packaging redesign buck? McDonald’s is set to launch a re-designed suite of packaging in the US as part of their continuing effort to keep the brand relevant with younger consumers. McDonald’s has unveiled a new series of take-away bag,…

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