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Smart packaging redesign makes Heinz stand out from the tomato sauce pack.

Perfect Packaging design. We’ve always believed the role of packaging has three purposes; 01. to stand-out on the shelf, 02. tell the brand story and 03. provide a functional serving and storage experience. But Canadian creative branding agency Rethink have added a 4th dimension –…

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The sticking power of Apple’s brilliant brand packaging

When packaging means much more than packaging Going through the drawers in my study last week I came across not one, but three iPhone boxes. I realised that without consciously intending to I’d saved the boxes from each of my iPhones dating back years, but…

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Our Gelati Sky brand at work – delicious differentiation from the streets

Bumping into our Delicious Branding Even after twenty five years of creating brands of our clients, it’s still a buzz to bump into our branding hard at work differentiating and promoting our clients and their businesses. On a cold, grey and wet Melbourne Spring day,…

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