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What’s The Secret To Building a Powerful Brand? Engaging The Board.

Today’s post is an article written by Brandhook, good friends of ours and the sharpest brand research and insights agency around. This latest opinion piece by BrandHook CEO Pip Stocks was originally published in CEO Magazine. We intuitively know that customer experience is what keeps clients…

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Be Cheap Or Be Interesting: How Brands Succeed

If your brand doesn’t own the ‘lowest price’ position in your category – you’d better get interesting. The following is a piece originally written for by BrandHook founder & CEO Pip Stocks. For the original article click here. For many years now we have…

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Do Australian shoppers really care about buying Australian brands?

The Local Brand Loyalty Myth This year we’ve had the pleasure of hooking-up with the very smart guys at BrandHook. They have a great eNewsletter called The Hook which recently featured an article on the launch of Ozemite and asked the particularly pointy question; Do…

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