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New Tourism Australia Ad – A Smart & Stunning Piece of Place Branding

Creating an ad to capture the spirit of a place is one hell of a task. Only slightly easier than creating the overarching place brand. Having worked on more than a few place branding projects, I fully comprehend the challenge of competing attributes and stakeholders.…

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Why Increasing our Intake of Refugees is exactly what 'Brand Australia' needs right now

Australia’s Brand Reputation has been taking a beating It’s been a pretty crap month-or-two for Brand Australia with our reputation taking a rightful whacking overseas thanks to coverage of the ‘Adam Goodes racist booing saga’ and ‘tennis bad boy’ Nick Kyrgios seemingly making a dick…

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Brand Australia, yes we can.

Business Council of Australia makes sense. Yes, Brand Australia is a hobbyhorse of mine (see links below). It is one brand that we all have a vested interest in building.

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Place Branding – Bulgaria's new tourism branding gets a little lost in translation

Recently the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy, and Tourism presented tourism brand for Bulgaria to the world. For some countries, there are decades of well established reputation which they are able to leverage to build a globally influential place brand – Italy, France, Brazil,…

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Personal Brand with Passion

On the weekend we were presenting on Personal Branding at the annual Tennis Australia’s Coaches conference. It is a topic that always creates a strong level of creative tension because by definition it brings into focus the question of where an individual’s true passion and…

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Docklands needs more then marketing – Our December article for The Melbourne Review

Place Branding ≠ Place making The news that 15 restaurants at Melbourne Docklands, or 40%, have closed their doors in the past 10 months brings into stark focus the challenges associated with place branding endeavors. Importantly, it is a reminder that place branding will only…

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