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New Tourism Australia Ad – A Smart & Stunning Piece of Place Branding

Creating an ad to capture the spirit of a place is one hell of a task. Only slightly easier than creating the overarching place brand. Having worked on more than a few place branding projects, I fully comprehend the challenge of competing attributes and stakeholders.…

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Amarillo continues to trash their brand

After finally conceding that their brandmark was a rip off, Texas town, Amarillo continues to trash their brand with their latest solution; a logo competition. Now, with hundreds of logos being submitted and continued ridicule, the city continues to get the world’s attention for all…

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Place Branding Lessons from Davos

Limited access a gift for some big events. It is always nice to write a blog from Europe and nothing more stunning than to be doing one from Davos in the Swiss Alps. We currently have the pleasure to be working on a project with…

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