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Visual Design to Combat Covid

The power of design to lift the human spirit. In response to the United Nations’ call for creativity, the world’s designers have pitched-in to create a wave of inspiring and beautiful imagery to lift the soul. We love that design gets to play such a…

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UN’s Creative Call-out to Combat Covid-19

The United Nations has made a global call out to creatives to help stop the spread of Covid-19. We love that the creative community has been given a chance to be part of this global positive movement and are on the edge of our seat…

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Playful branding design is not just for kids!

  The Children’s Toy Foundation invited Swedish studio Bedow to design a branded poster on the theme “play” for a fund raising project. Having ‘just’ survived the Christmas period, it is common for the stereotypical Aussie Christmas to be full of family, gift giving, shrimp…

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