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Amazon’s vertical shift from brand seller to brand owner (and seller)

Amazon Builds their House of Brands. New’s this week that Amazon has been advertising for brand managers to createĀ  a private label of Sportswear Apparel is another indicator of the online retail giants ambition to become an owner as well as a seller of brands.…

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Waitrose Opens Farm Shop – A Supermarket Brand Strategy Masterstroke

UK Supermarket Waitrose opens a farm store to showcase produce grown on its 4000-acre estate farm in South England. In a bold brand move, UK’s Waitrose have reinforced their ‘fresh food’ credentials with a gesture that will be hard to top by opening their first…

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The Power of Premium for Private Label – A Peek at UK Retailer Marks & Spencer

Premium Private Label through Packaging Design Recently whilst exploring the retail landscape in Singapore I came across the Food Store found within a Marks & Spencer. I was immediately struck by the premium aesthetic from the mini bakery through the traditional food categories and into…

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