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Jeep leverages Batman Vs Superman brand association in first ad release

If you’ve got a positive brand association, flaunt it! Brand placements in feature films is big business. Brand owners like auto maker FCA who own Jeep,┬áChrysler, Dodge, Ram and FIAT brands in the US market clearly see a Hollywood blockbusters as an A grade engagement…

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Does it Get Any Richer than Pop Culture Brand Testimonials?

It’s Gettin’ Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot… The booming industry in brand mentions in films, TV shows and music as brand placement in popular culture just continues to gain momentum.

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Embracing Transparency – the Great Challenge for Brand Owners

Honest Brand Communication Documentary maker Morgan Spurlock (Think Supersize Me) speaks at the March 2011 TED conference with a talk titled ‘The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold’.

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Oakley hits Gold with Chilean Miner Brand Association

Brilliant Brand Association by Design International sunglasses brand Oakley hit pay-dirt recently when their products were spotted on the dials of each of the 33 Chilean miners as they appeared in front of the world’s media, above ground for the first time in more than…

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