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Burger brand Carl’s Jr. has young hungry Aussie males in its sights

US burger brand disrupts the category with old school American attitude. Carl’s Jr. also known as Hardee’s, is the latest burger brand to hit the Australian shores. It’s bold, irreverent and unapologetic and it is focused on young hungry Aussie blokes.

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Unique brand identity design inspired by the intersection of two cultures

Inspiring Brand Identity Design Regardless of the category, the most innovative, memorable and unique brand identities are often inspired by the intersection of two, unrelated parts of the proposition. With virtually every category crowded by ‘me-too’ competition, the valuable new space for brands is in…

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Brand Agency Truly Deeply featured in The New Daily

The New Daily is a brand new online news site. In their first week of publication they interviewed Truly Deeply Founder & Managing Director David Ansett about the agency, their blend of branding and entrepreneurship and Etto, the pasta bar concept they launched this year.…

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The Biggest Marketing Lesson from Chipotle’s ‘Scarecrow’ Video (and It's Not to 'Start with a Billion Dollars')

Last week, the fast-food company Chipotle released a new marketing program, “The Scarecrow,” which depicts a kind of creepy, dystopian world that makes a heart-wrenching statement about the sorry state of industrial food production. In less than a week after its release on Wednesday, 9/11,…

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