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ALDI rebrands to differentiate

Reading through the articles about the upcoming ALDI rebrand I’m struck by what seems to be an inability for people to grasp some of the strategic rational behind this rebrand and rebranding in general. Everywhere ALDI has opened, they taken on established supermarket brands and…

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How do I know if my branding needs to change?

When should I change my brand strategy and/or brand identity? Brand is a sensitive beast, misread the signs or fail to understand the subtleties and you can find yourself out of touch and with a disengaged market. Like much of the branding process, there is…

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Melbourne's Mix 101.1 to rebrand to Kiis 101.1 in 2015

I was very disappointed to learn on my drive to work earlier this week that the Chrissie and Jane show on Mix 101 would cease to exist in 2015. Calls poured in with listeners who were devastated that they wouldn’t be listening to Chrissy and…

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A Missed Design Opportunity for the Dick Smith Brand

Like bumping into an old friend Currently I’m in the market for a new TV, so last week whilst I was shopping at Victoria Gardens, I popped into Dick Smith to see what they had on offer. On the way in I was greeted by…

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