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Rebranding the worlds Iconic brands, Retro style

Re-imagining Iconic Brand Identity Design. As a little tacker with big dreams of becoming a designer, I feasted on the American design trends of the 1950s and 60s. From architecture to car design, fashion to signage and retro ads, I was drawn to the playful…

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Ball and Chain Shoppers – A challenge for retail brands

Finding the hidden opportunities for retail branding. An interesting piece of the puzzle for retailers is managing the reluctant customer. So much focus goes in to setting up the store design and merchandising to cater to the customer whose interest brought them into the store.…

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Why this CPA article on branding best practice falls short

A branding article filled with good intent. I was initially thrilled to see an article on the CPA’s blog titled; ‘Why your accounting practice brand is more than a logo’. The CPA is one of our countries most trusted and respected associations, representing an industry…

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Why Rebrand?

The how and why of rebranding. Whether you’re planning on attracting new clients and customers, selling more products and services, growing awareness or growing margins, re-branding is a truly effective strategy for your business. Your brand can require updating for a multitude of reasons including;…

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