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Retail Brand Innovation – Self Select Customer Service

An engaging way to deliver the service experience your customers want, when they want it. Understanding when to provide service to the contemporary consumer and when to leave them to shop under their own steam is a challenge for retailers. Bug them with unwanted offers…

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The evolution of fashion footwear brands now embracing comfortable and stylish shoes

Fashion brands are embracing the shift in everyday footwear. Surprisingly in the past few years, comfortable footwear for women (and men) has become more popular than ever before. But is style compromised?

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Dear Target…I love you – When brands do the right thing.

Target championing disabilities as normal – a brilliant retail brand strategy. I spotted Target making the headlines around the world this week, all for very commendable reasons. In their weekly catalogue, they featured a young child with a disability wearing one of their Halloween products,…

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Brand promiscuous behaviour: analysing daily brand consumption

Are we loyal to the brands we use on a daily basis or do they simply serve a purpose ready to be traded in for the next best alternative that comes along? We often talk about how brand loyalty is a dying art with more and more…

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Integration is the new Black for Online Fashion Retail Brands

Online provides yet another shift in the Competitive Paradigm for Fashion Retailers Online fashion retail offers are nothing new, traditional bricks and mortar fashion retailers have been contending with this online competition for years now, and on the whole are continuing to refine their own…

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The Future of Retail Brands looks Easy…

Technology Innovation – your Customers Best Friend For retail brands, much of the blue sky is in the innovation of their customers’ shopping experience. There is much hype about making shopping experiences more functional – and increasingly making them faster and easier. For US retailer…

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