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Veganz Vegan Supermarket – The Engaging Power of Brand Focus

How Brand Focus can be the best Brand Strategy One of the most powerful truisms of branding is; ‘You can’t be all things to all people’. Yet when we think about the supermarket category, and even the innovations in this space of convenience stores, mini-supermarkets…

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The fart in a bottle test – How do your neighbors impact your brand?

Oops, there goes the brand neighbourhood The thing I love about online is that somewhere there’s someone trying to sell just about anything you can think of. Take this ‘fart in a bottle’ for instance with a bid of 99c – brilliant product design for…

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The 10 retailers Who Changed the Game in 2013

Retail Innovations in 2013 Life didn’t get any easier for retailers in 2013. Tough times spurred-on some retailers to think outside the box, with stores and products popping up in all sorts of places, finding new ways to attract, excite and engage customers. Check out…

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Reinventing Retail Brands – A Stunning Retake on the Store Mannequin

Innovative Retail Branding from Topshop UK Loving this stunning retail brand visual merchandising created for the Topshop’s Regent Street windows by NEON and studioXAG. In this innovative take on the ever-present fashion store staple, the mannequin is re-interpreted, resulting in a vivid wheel that highlights…

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