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Global shopping centre giant Westfield’s vision for the future of retail

The future of shopping centre retail – A disruptive view. Global entertainment brand Cirque du Soleil announced their plans recently to launch a family entertainment concept inside a Canadian shopping centre. The move reflects the shift in retail thinking as consumer continue to evolve the…

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Woolworths CEO first to get the UberEats threat in Australia.

The Ultra-Convenience Consumer Trend Disrupting… Everything. So much has been written about Amazon’s launch into the Australian retail market (we wrote about it ourselves recently) that it has created it’s own ecosystem of disruptive buzz. There’s no doubt a business the size of Amazon with…

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Why Amazon is forcing retailers to finally pay attention to their customers.

Did retail set itself-up for disruption? In Australia we’ve heard alot of talk over recent years of how tough life is for retail brands. There’s no doubt the category is under pressure as competition increases and consumer behavior and expectations shift. In a recent interview,…

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